About Making The World A Softer Place™

Originally founded by Sherli and Arvin Pairavi as a way to spread kindness in their community in honor of their grandparents' memory, Making The World A Softer Place™ has grown from a local Los Angeles nonprofit into a multifaceted national nonprofit that supports the homeless, food insecure and less fortunate. 

We believe the smallest act of kindness can make a huge difference in somebody's life, and widespread and lasting change can only be accomplished through working together and providing assistance and resources directly to those who need it most.


This vision was embodied by Arvin's longtime friend, Saeed Karimi, who after passing, was the catalyst for the growth of Making The World A Softer Place™.


We strive to represent what he embodied — kindness and generosity — and use his legacy as a force to enroll people to live "legendary" like him. 

Click here to listen to The Legendary Lions podcast where Arvin discusses cultivating a community of givers, and how we all have the power to touch people in a profound way.

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